In any group, you'll find a wide range of people who differ in terms of their motivations, behavior and general level of intelligence. If you disagree with a cause, belief or political movement, then you should be able to debate against its best ideas or most informed members.

Unfortunately, many journalists and opinion leaders are not up to the challenge of facing informed and intelligent debate, and it has become common practice to distract from intelligent debate by discussing the behavior and ideas of their most ridiculous opponents instead.

For example, watch any video where a reporter wanders through a crowd of Donald Trump supporters or SJW university students and interviews them to expose their ignorance and confusion. Watching such videos provides you with entertainment at the respondents' stupidity, and a smug sense of superiority from knowing how much more intelligent you are than them. But is this really representative of the views from the other side? How many intelligent and eloquent responses were received but cut from the final video?


SJW University cancelled another conservative speaker this week due to student protests. The left hates free speech because they can't face the Truth!

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