Quantum Woo

Other Names

Quantum Physics Fallacy


Quantum physics is weird, complicated, sometimes mysterious and is often used as a scam explanation for products and services that don't work. The claim that a bracelet or spray will give you amazing athletic abilities because it uses quantum entanglement can sound convincing, if you have no idea what quantum entanglement is.

Here are some terms that you should watch out for in order to spot quantum woo:

Quantum, energy, entanglement, uncertainty, non-local, observation/observer effect, particle, wave, vibration, spatial, field.


Of course you can heal a person by sticking needles in them! It works by the quantum entanglement of antiquark particle berilium nitrate spectography matrix of Hilbert uncertainty positron plumbus wubba lubba dub dub going on a year now and ain't nothing twixt my nethers that ain't been run on batteries.

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