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Untestable, Unfalsifiability, Unfalsifiable Hypothesis


You would be surprised to see a high jump competition where the bar had been removed and every competitor won automatically. But it is not uncommon to hear debaters try to convince you by saying that there is no bar of evidence for their position, and that they should win automatically because their position is untestable, and therefore cannot be proven wrong.

This might sound as if they have a strong position in the debate, but it is the opposite. Claims must be tested in order to prove them, and the more difficult the test that you can pass, the stronger your proof is. Untestability is therefore a position of intellectual weakness, not strength.


There is an invisible unicorn in the room with us. You can't see her, can't hear her, and you won't be able to catch her if you try. She's very quick and agile. Oh and she's odorless too. But she's definitely here.

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