Weak Analogy

Other Names

Analogical Fallacy, Bad Analogy, False Analogy, Faulty Analogy, False Metaphor, Argument from Spurious Similarity


Analogies can be extremely useful as communication devices that can help explain a new or complex idea, but you must always remember that analogies have limits.

By definition, an analogy is different from the thing that it explains, so it can be used as a communication aid, but never as evidence. If you take an analogy too far, you will surely arrive at incorrect conclusions.

A weak analogy or false analogy is when you use an analogy to convince someone and ignore any discrepancies between the analogy and thing be analogized.


Guns are a lot like cars - both are useful, you need to study and get a license to operate them, and both can be deadly. So why would we ban certain guns? We don't ban any cars.

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